Boot Camp

Boot Camp

Source Fitness Boot Camp offers you the opportunity to work on a wide variety of fitness styles to keep workouts fresh and fun. We keep you motivated for longer and engaged with the journey you’re on and most of all, continuing to gain enjoyment the workouts long term. This helps you to achieve the health and fitness goals that you want. Classes include a mixture of:



Strength Training




All these combined work to get you outstanding results, focusing on goals such as weight loss, toning up, increased strength, improved cardio and conditioning.

Classes have a mixture of abilities and ages, men and women. Many new clients feel that they won’t be able to keep up with the rest of the group but soon find that there is space for everyone’s fitness level, whether beginner or seasoned camper. 

We have an inclusive mentality, with everyone giving encouragement and motivation to everyone else, helping to build each other up. Soon enough you’ll start noticing the results starting to shine through too.

Boot Camp Times

Monday 1730 – 1815pm

Tuesday 0600 – 0645am

Thursday 0600 – 0645am & 1730 – 1815pm

Saturday 0630 – 0730am



I joined Source Fitness back in Jan19 and I have enjoyed every single session since. The times available to me work perfectly around my family and work life. An early workout really sets me up for the day. Liam's enthusiasm and creativity never let's it get boring. He is a considerate coach and is able to cater to everyone's individual needs. We have the use of a wide range of equipment. My personal favourite being when he sets up the assault courses for us. They are so much fun, you forget you are there to workout! I can honestly say that I genuinely look forward to attending each session. Source Fitness is a lovely group of people led by an awesome coach. I feel lucky to have found such a good group to keep fit with.


Early morning workouts from a very committed coach. Sessions are always varied and offer the opportunity to challenge yourself. We use a variety of equipment from kettlebells to weighted jackets and Liam always advises on proper use and form. There is something for every ability at the sessions, you just need to bring along your enthusiasm. A sense of fun is an integral part of the workout, especially when the cargo net comes out. I would urge anyone interested in getting into fitness to come along and give a session a go!


I highly recommend Source Fitness to anyone wanting to be more proactive in exercising and looking after themselves. Liam is an excellent trainer who encourages and inspires you to achieve things you did not think you could do. He offers a wide variety of activities and fitness equipment to help you accomplish your goals. The boot camps are always fun and challenging, and it is such a positive environment to be around like-minded people who all encourage one another to succeed. You benefit not only physically, but mentally and socially too by the activities Liam guides you in together. Since attending the boot camps I have seen positive changes in my life and my well being has greatly improved. Source Fitness is an awesome organisation and I am so thankful to Liam for making this such a great programme to be part of.


Pay As You Go – £5

Monthly Unlimited – £35 

Free on any PT Bundle


Lakenheath Pavilion Fields


Absolutely not. We hear it all the time, “sure I’d love to join but I’ll work on my fitness first and come after that.” That is not necessary, we cater for a wide range of fitness levels, have worked with complete exercise novices to seasoned sports enthusiast. Its in those early days that it will really pay dividends to come and learn the best ways to get the body moving. 

We pride ourselves on providing a wide range of equipment for you to use, so all we ask you bring is a good ole pair of trainers, look out the window and pick some suitable exercise clothing, a drink of choice (I’d opt for a soft one with no bubbles, they don’t mix well when jigging about) and a willingness to give it a go.

This can vary from session to session depending on everyone’s availability but generally we average at around 10 per class. This small group setting means you get plenty of attention from our trainer, but plenty of banter and encouragement from everyone else in the session.

Yes. We have lots of mums and dads who bring their kids along, they however remain your responsibity and you can’t leave them behind no matter much you may feel like it.

Yes and no, so long as you are over 16 for our adult sessions then you can come along. Prior to your first session we’ll ask you to fill out a quick form, if there is anything that may mean you can’t exercise with us we’ll find out then and will ask you to double check with a medical professional before getting all hot and sweaty.

Our prices are the most competitive in the local area. You could train for as little as £1.61 per sessions if training 5 days of the week, but more realistically with holidays, illness, and the odd missed session we would like to think you’ll average 3 sessions per week. That’s still only £2.69 with our pay monthly plan. Just £35 a month gives you a seriously good deal. Alternatively start at £5 per session of source fitness fun.

Feel free to pay online via bookings, by card on site, by bank transfer or cash (preferably not all in pennies please).

We run sessions in 2 outdoor locations. Lakenheath Pavilion Fields and Mildenhall Douglas Park. Please check out our Contacts page to get a Google maps image of said locations and timings.

OOOOOOH YES, please do. We provide loads of up to date happenings of all the latest from source fitness there, have daily Live 15minute workouts for you to join in with (currently free)

£35 per month or £5 pay as you go.

Please use our contacts page or alternatively message us through Facebook, email on or call 07800562425.

Our best sessions can take place in the rain and adverse weather, it all just adds to the fun. If its dark we have loads of floodlights which we move around the area to reveal the next bit of the workout, this really keeps everyone on their toes and wondering whats next???