Online Training

We should all feel like we are capable of reaching our health and fitness goals. But with ever increasing time constraints on life, increasing day to day stress due to work, family commitments, social media, lack of movement, sleep issues and financial strain, it has become harder to see a clear picture on where to begin, let alone how that will be implemented within our day to day lives.

My online platform puts Source Fitness in your corner. I’m here to distil the sometimes confusing world of fitness and nutrition. Give you practical tips on how to overcome the barriers holding you back. I will provide you with exercises that work for you, building your strength and confidence, with the equipment you have available, be that at home or in the gym. I’ll take into consideration any past or ongoing injuries. I’ll listen to what is going on for you, check in with you regularly to make sure you are staying on track. I’ll answer the questions you bring us using clear and concise evidence based advice that works for you as an individual.


How will the process work?

1. Click the link and answer the questions and you’ll hear back from me within 48 hours. 

2. I’ll set up an initial consultation online to discuss in detail your goals, how we can help and answer any questions you may have.

3. I’ll program your first workouts, uploading them to our app where they’ll be easy to track and follow along with your nutritional tracking.

4. I will contact you to see how the initial workout went and build from that.

5. After 2 weeks (once a month thereafter) we will again sit down for an online consultation to address any further concerns or barriers, discuss nutritional strategies and provide you with actionable feedback to implement.

6. I will get in touch Monday to Friday via WhatsApp to check in on how things are going and make rolling changes as they are needed.


The link is here, when your ready for step one, hit click and you’ll be directed to our online questionnaire and I look forward to meeting you soon.

Until then, thanks for reading


Complete Breakdown

1. Initial Consultation to build your goals profile and answer any questions.

2. Bespoke program creation.

3. Online HIT based group sessions.

3. App access for tracking workouts and nutrition.

4. Monday to Friday check ins.

5. Second consultation 2 weeks after start (every month from thereafter).

6. Ongoing, evidence based, clear and concise advice.

All for £75 per month.