Personal Training

Personal Training

Source Fitness PT provides you with the opportunity first and foremost to move you towards your goals. Goals such as:

Weight Loss

Muscle & Strength building

Improved cardio & conditioning

Military PT specific training

Improved nutrition


Sports specific S&C.

During your initial session we will discuss in detail your requirements and expectations, looking at building a deep understanding on what you really want from your sessions with us. Assessment of your current health and fitness can then take place, analyzing any current strengths and weaknesses, taking into account your general daily lifestyle and nutrition so when we come to build your bespoke programme it is specific to you and your needs.

Short, medium and long term goals can then be set and we’ll ensure regular evaluation is taken care of to keep you on track with the facts and figures to keep you motivated and on track.

Support doesn’t end when you leave our private studio. We will provide regular contact with you to maintain your initial motivation. Provide you with the knowledge you need to better understand nutritional choices. Give you workouts to follow along with at home or in your gym with our bespoke app so you can maximise your results. You’ll get access to the Source Fitness Bootcamp where you can enjoy challenging, results driven workouts with the ever enthusiastic and friendly community we have grown.

All of this from the comfort of our very own private studio situated in Lakenheath, Suffolk and fully equipped to deal with all your strength and conditioning needs.

Our prices are also incredibly competitive starting at £27ph.


Initial consultation – FREE

1 session – £30

5 sessions – £140

10 sessions – £270

We’re waiting for you to get in touch. 

Don’t delay, sessions are limited.